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Winning Products On Demand.

An exclusive community where winning product videos are curated and uploaded, empowering seasoned drop-shippers like you to quickly drive sales and maximize profits.

Winning products
Over 80+ winning product videos not seen on SpyTools uploaded weekly. Your products determine your success in Dropshipping, let us carry that burden for you.
Save time and money
E-Commerce is extensive and expensive when done incorrectly, save that time with our winners and start profiting immediately.
Improve collaboration
Network with the best. Our members are advanced Dropshippers who all have experience with 50k+ months.
Level up quickly.
Not only will you have me at your side, my staff & talented team is ready to assist you 24/7, 365.
Anyplace, anywhere.
With a desktop and a mobile app, you can manage your dashboard on the go, no matter where you are.
Never miss a call
Automatically recorded and exclusive to our community, join-in on live calls for advanced lessons with a live chat.

What Makes Us Different

In dropshipping, the magic is in choosing the right product. Forget the trial and error – we're here to make sure you get it right from the start.

Conventional Techniques

Our Distinctive Approach

Time intensive - winning products take time to find.
Instant winners - over 1,000+ already uploaded.
Wasted money - without experience, you'll fail often
Constantly refreshed - over 70+ uploaded weekly
Saturated products - your selling existing winners?
First to market - never seen before on Spytools
AliExpress products - dated method, very useless.
Custom made - not somebodys existing ad
Spytools - Full of existing winners, unscalable.
Psychology based research - handpicked by myself
Guru tutorials - Pointing you towards a "fluff" course.
No saturation - launch instantly without competition
Winning Product Videos

Your journey in dropshipping hinges on one thing – your creatives. No matter how dedicated you are, the real magic happens when your ads connect with viewers, making them eager to buy.

At FutrGroup - we upload over 70 winning product videos per week, giving you the choice to pick between handpicked expert revised winning products all the time.

Beautiful Landing Pages

We're always adding more custom built landing pages and showing integration methods to your Shopify store(s). Not only does this mean you're getting winning products & advertisements but also pages so beautifully built no customer will want to turn away!

Stand Out Online

You see the same themes and pages used in every ad online. Simple, boring and yes, if the product is good it will sell itself. But why stop there, we want you to take the additional 10 minutes to add the custom product theme to have those home-run results every single time.

Ultra Active Community

With our growing list of users each day, our community is vibrant and always talking e-com. From product research strategies to implementations, you'll always find something to browse inside FutrGroup.

Expand Your Connections

With the ticket price being on the high-end, every member inside FutrGroup is atleast a mid-tier dropshipper. Having had success in the past/present and looking to expand their skillset.

Monthly Masterminds

Join our growing community LIVE with our integrated streaming service. You'll be able to tune in to weekly mastermind calls going over community questions.

Always Recorded

Can't make the call? Not a problem. Our masterminds are automatically recorded for your re-watchability. Tune in and never be out of the loop with FutrGroup.

Net Profit from Ads (Avg)
Higher CTR Actions
Profit within 14 days launched (Avg)
Client Success Rate

What Our Clients Say

Community feedback, over 180+ members and counting.

Erick Alvarez

"Joining FutrGroup was a game-changer for me. I was struggling to find winning product ads for TikTok and Facebook. Thanks to this, everyday when I login there they are. I can rapidly test/scale offers at the drop of a dime. Exactly what I needed."

Bo Woods

"Ive been following Franky for awhile, since 2019 and I always looked out for his stores online. You could tell when it was your store from the way it looked and how the product ad was made. This was the best money I've spent on a service ever in dropshipping."

Kevin Clayton

"Before I discovered FutrGroup, my journey was like an endless, frustrating loop. I was spending hundreds of dollars, never getting even a single add to cart, and always wasting money rather than developing a valuable skill. I'd pick products I thought were great, invest in ads, and then watch them flop. It was disheartening, to say the least."

Rachael Clark

"I've spent thousands online for coaches and mentors and never came close to the value I got spending 30 minutes inside FutrGroup. Honestly when you asked me to make this testimonail for you I had 0 problems thinking of all the nice things to say about it but it would take me longer to write it than it would for me to just say, Join. You will not regret it..."

Dominick Blake

"I've been part of the FutrGroup for two months now, and I can't thank this community enough. My profits have seen a huge boost, and the friendships and knowledge I've gained here are priceless. Highly recommend!"

Jeffery Chang

"I was struggling to make my dropshipping business work until I discovered FutrGroup. The access to winning product ads for TikTok is a game-changer. No more wasting time on Spytools wasting money testing. This really is a plug and play solution."

Alexus Reed

"As a female in the space it's always intimidating to take the plunge and invest in yourself because you never know what kind of community you're joining. It is afterall a male dominated sector. FutrGroup is as involved or as non-involved as you want to be to get results and I absolutory love that. I can jump in, get my winners and hop out and launch ads within minutes."

Amber Gray

"I had my first winning product ever thanks to the help inside here. I just want to say thank you to the media buying staff as they popped in and made my first campaign within 5 minutes of messaging and that campaign did great. I made my first $800 ever this month dropshipping and honestly that's like a weeks worth of work for me at my regular job. Unreal thank you again! So worth it."

Pietro Di Foria

"I'm thrilled with my decision to join FutrGroup. The winning product ads provided here have transformed my dropshipping performance. I am from Italy and there is no competition here with products like this."

Yuliana Austin

"Wow! This is where dreams become reality for new/middle end dropshippers. The winning product ads provided here are pure gold. Since I joined, my stores have been doing amazing. The community is full of supportive and knowledgeable individuals who have become my mentors and friends."

Camilla Evans

"I've always been passionate about dropshipping, but the road to success was filled with challenges and setbacks. That was until I discovered Franco's community. This community has provided me with the tools and resources I needed to thrive in the dropshipping world. The access to winning product ads has completely transformed my business. My profits have significantly increased, and I've found a supportive network of like-minded individuals who have become my mentors and friends. FutrGroup isn't just a community; it's a thriving ecosystem of entrepreneurs helping each other reach new heights. I'm grateful for the doors this community has opened for me, and I encourage anyone serious about dropshipping to give it a try."

Erik Wilkins

"I've been in the dropshipping space for over 6 years and the hardest part is finding winning products. Even if theres a week in here where I'm busy and I don't tune into the content/product drops, theres so few people in the community compared to other spytools online that I always know if I use my skillset I can have a winning product/store. There's no other community like it"
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